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Don’t Sweat it January 21, 2010

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College helps to build us into great prioritizing-time managing-organizing-machines. It’s a do or die sort of lesson that all of us learn sooner or later.

Today, after the worst semester of my life, I was able to talk to Leon Florendo, Academic Counselor, supervisor, and friend. We talked about how terrible I did and worked out the reasons behind it.

The major reason was PRIORITIZING. Leon helped me to see what my priorities were in a simple list that I hope you’ll find useful.

1. You- If you don’t take care of yourself mind,body, and soul how can you be able to get the things you need done, done?

2. Family- If there are problems at home it’ll distract you from everything else.

3. School- The reason you decided to come to college in the first place. This is what you are investing your time and effort towards, never forget that.

4. Work- Important to every student.  Effective communication and hard work can save you much distress.

5. Fun- Really good when used in moderation…definitely use in moderation. >_<

Ever had that one class where the Professors rubs you the wrong way? or the fellow classmate that constantly distracts you from learning? Ever find yourself talking about them behind their backs?

Do you realize that as much time you spend talking about them you could spend studying for the class or getting other things done.

Sure, it helps get your feelings expressed, but smack talking is better kept in a box and buried in the back yard. Something I learned from a good friend of mine, thanks Ahloy 🙂

Don’t sweat the small stuff, there’s more important things to worry about.~ Cindy Sunada


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