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Book Buy Backs!!! December 18, 2009

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Yay! It’s time again!

The HCC Bookstore is buying back books! Now you can sell those books that have been tormenting you all semester and get some glorious MOOLAH!!!!

I often have separation anxiety when I sell back my books. I tend to be more sentimental than the average person. You see… we’ve slept together, stood in the rain, had coffee at Starbucks, dang thing made me cry sometimes too. If that isn’t a loving relationship I have no idea what is. I almost feel guilty handing it over for something as common as cash. But, then again I do get some bonus bucks.

BONUS BUCKS! Ever heard of a BONUS BUCK? They’re coupons worth $1 at any UH System Book Store. You may use them toward new and old textbooks. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to use them to buy a Starbucks Mocha >_<

So will I trade back my books? Well, let’s just say, I’ll always miss your infinite knowledge and the good times! I’ll be completely inconsolable…*5 minutes later*…wait what were we talking about?

Drop by the HCC Bookstore to trade in your books for cash!